Scrypt AI is simply a better, more accurate, zero touch AP platform

Embrace Digital Transformation

Businesses can achieve true digital transformation and expense savings by streamlining invoicing, receivables and payments. These performance-enhancing capabilities, coupled with advanced analytics, reduce paper workloads and manual processes, while mitigating errors, omissions and fraudulent activity.

  • Scrypt AI can handle all types of invoices, including non-English based, and achieve extremely high levels of accuracy.
  • Scrypt AI outperforms humans at AP, and provides a modern web-based UI for immediate access to every original entry, as needed for review and verification.
  • Scrypt AI is a native, cloud-based platform, that is affordable, with a zero touch approach that is truly scalable.
  • Scrypt AI has an extremely low-barrier to entry, as no templates are required.
  • Scrypt AI allows custom business processes, so that you can integrate with your ERP systems and eSign platforms.
  • Scrypt AI compute and processing happens in your environment, providing strong security and privacy for your accounting data.
Invoices processed

Your employees no longer need to manually enter invoice information, or setup an invoice template for an “automated” processes run by an offshore team. Instead, they can simply review and approve invoices, streamline the business and be liberated to focus on more important tasks.

digitally transform your business processes

Let us understand your business requirements around AP automation and systems integration.

Scrypt AI will work with your team to implement an end-to-end intelligent automation solution that integrates with your firm's existing systems of records and eSign solutions and supports your custom accounting process.